Getting Your Family On Board to Fast-Forward!

Fasting is not a subject I thought to actively teach my children.  I have discussed it and my husband and I have modeled it, but now it is time to get the children on board to practice it themselves. I’ve done some research on the subject to find out how to get my kids involved.  I will share with you the key points I have learned.

Try using the following definitions when explaining fasting to your children:  “Fasting is when you choose to willingly give up something you really want so you can get serious and focus on God and prayer for a time.  Normally, you pray with your spirit and soul, but fasting gets your body involved, too.  It’s sort of like body prayer.  When you fast, you Read more

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Thriving not just Surviving

thriving not just survivingSometimes as parents we feel overwhelmed by life. Our to-do lists shout at us to finish them. Laundry reminds us that it needs to be put away, children driven to activities and on and on.  Sometimes I can get so busy doing things (even good things) that my priorities get all mixed up.   When I begin to feel that I am just surviving and not thriving I know I’ve lost my focus.

Usually I like to take some time in the morning Read more

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At Home Acrobat

at home acrobatIt often feels like a three ring circus being a mom trying to juggle a full time job with family life.  It can lead to feelings of guilt and stress because you feel your attentions are divided between work and your family and something has to give. In the real world there is no such thing as perfect balances so don’t add pressure and stress to your life by trying to meet an unrealistic goal.  Accept that there will be good and bad days.

With a hoard of children running around the house and working in a home office for 5 – 6 hours a day it seemed as if I was always experiencing a chronic time crunch. I learned Read more

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Managing a Large Family

how do you do itThat’s the question everyone asks me when they find out that I have 12 children.

They take their own situation and multiply it by 12 and their imagination goes wild.

Yes indeed there are mountains of laundry, and huge pots of food cooking on the stove

“How do you do it?”


to accommodate my large family.  So in answer to, “How do I do it?”

I will share with you a tip that helps me stay on top of things. Read more

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Help Your Child Adjust to a Move

Chelping a child adjust to a movehange can be difficult whether you’re a child or an adult. Moving to a new area is among the most stress-inducing experience that a family faces. Usually, it means your children will have to change schools, give up friends, and lose the security of a familiar place.   When we moved from a small town to a big city it was a difficult move for my children and myself. Adjusting to our new home took some work on everybody’s part but we’re all happy to be where we are now. Here are some things I did that you can do to help your children deal with change. Read more

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Summer Fun

summer_funSummer is always a hectic time for me because my children are home from school and it’s the busiest season for our business. In my experience I found my children have a lot more patience with me working if they know that they have something fun to look forward to.

So I sit down and plan some special outings with my children for the weekends and evenings.  Everyone gives their input of what they would like to do. We make a list, and then we choose what we want to do.   We make sure that we do something on the list that will appeal to each member of the family.

Invariably someone will shout out “I want to go to Disneyland!”

So I will give them some guidelines: we will Read more

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New book coming

genericbookClick to preorder today Read more

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Co-authored book

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